Domain Name Registration & Renewal

Choosing and registering a domain name is a very important process.  NewMedia Designs can assist you in the domain name selection process. What constitutes a good domain name? Ideally your domain name should:

- Show your company name;
- Tell what you do;
- Say where you are;
- Be catchy;
- Be as short as possible.

We take into account many factors when helping you decide, such as the nature of your business, how competitive your market sector is and the kind of market penetration you hope to achieve.

NewMedia Designs registers all domains in their customers names. Don't let your webmaster register a domain in their own name. If your webmaster should fall off the face of the earth, what then?

Contact us for your domain name regisitration. We will assist you in choosing the best domain for your business, and ensure it is regisitered in your own name!




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