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At Newmedia Designs we take pride in our work, our website don't only look great, they preform. Right from the start you will be involved in the design concept, we custom develop every site profile as all projects are unique specific user pathways to fit your clients needs. We are very familiar with content creation, strategy,  information architecture and how to market your site to your audience.

All our websites are Responsive... what does that mean? Responsive is when your your website can adapt to all devices people use to explore the web. A responsive website senses the device and the software is directed to show the content and images as each device and user requires. For example if your looking for a business on your phone you first want to see the contact information and location. This means your clients are not scrolling all over your website to find where the business is. With a mobile slider menu your audience can navigate peeper into the sites compressed content, where if you on a tablet we select the software to show a mini version of what you see on a desktop and lighten up the content as to not require scrolling to see the information. So you no longer are required to have mobile apps created for your site to work on all the various devices we use everyday.

Software and designs are changing very quickly many new options come available throughout the year and keeping up with those changes is our job and having your business take advantage of those changes is also our job. Our objective is to keep yopu web presence fresh and uptodate with the latest design features and security updates.

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